Adjust group default values

mgoutier 8 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 3 years ago 8

It would be nice if the software allowed us to tailor what we wanted to see inside each of the adjust groups.

Example: If I wanted to see the default value of an adjust item but did not care to see the order in which it was in I would just right click order and select default value... or if i wanted it to show just the name min mix default value and step size...

The default value is the big one though.. right now for me the fastest way to check all my defaults is to simulate the program and go to the adjust groups and run down what all my defaults are to make sure they are what I want them to be.


So adding another column to this view for the application default values?

One way to get an overview of adjustable values is to get and view settings, but that only gives the currently adjusted/stored values and the set factory defaults. To see the application default that are in the project file, one has to click on the individual channels.

I think that a view that gives an overview of application defaults is a good idea.

Thank you for looking into this.. that would be great... I think the ultimate solution would be to set it up like windows does... there for it can suit everyone's needs no matter what. But ill take just having the default.. and maybe current values here for now..

(example of the windows setup)

I was really hoping this was available on V5....

Sorry, we had to move this feature to a later release. It's not forgotten.


With IQANdesign 6.06, there is a column showing the adjust item default value when viewing adjust groups: 

Showing adjust group items Adjust group