Pin code reset?

Dave Heiling 7 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 7 years ago 1

I have a customer who plans to use the MD4-7 as the main engine monitoring/controller in his cab. He does not want to use a key to start/stop the Cummins engine. He wants to have the operator use a pin code that is factory set at the last 4 digits of the machine serial number to access the machine controls. They encourage the operator/owner to change this pin code to their liking for security. If the operator enters a pin code and then forgets it or of an operator changes the pin code and then leaves the company, the OEM wants to be able to have this pin code reset to the original factory 4 digit code when it was first assigned. They would like to do this by allowing one of their service people to access this reset back to factory function with the use of a factory master pin code protected variable. If this pin code cannot be reset, is there any way an authorized person could display the current 4 digits of this code? The reset feature that is currently implemented on the pin code works great to lock the machine up after use. I am currently using a text parameter as the input to the machine access pin code, I am allowed to display this text parameter with my master pin code, but when we have the operator try to change this text parameter, we see a complete keyboard that allows the operator to enter 4 characters (the pin code only allows us to enter numbers). Entering non numeric characters will force a software update to get the machine working again. (this is what we are trying to avoid). Any suggestions?


    Your solution for viewing the PIN code is a good idea; with a separate channel it is possible for the service technician to view that channel in a protected measure group, or view it by measuring in the application viewer. It is also a really good point about using the TP as PIN code, with the full keyboard it is a risk that the operator enters non numeric characters.

    An alternative to the TP solution use an Integer Parameter channel as the PIN code, and set the adjust item limits to the range 1000-9999.
    The tricky thing here is that unlike the TP, the IP changes value instantly when adjusting it from the MD4 menu system. If you protect the adjust group containing the IP with the PCC, then access to adjust is lost instantly when the PIN changes.
    One the trick for avoiding this is in the attached application, it uses two adjust groups. One that is protected byt the PCC, and that has a MEM channel that can be adjusted to show the second adjust group, using the visible flag.

    This hidden adjust group contains the IP channel. The first adjust group still gets locked as soon as the IP is touched, but by having the IP adjust in a second adjust group it will be possible for the operator to complete the PIN code change. Access to the hidden adjust group is cleared when restarting the system.

    There is a feature request for creating a built-in PCC reset function, but hopefully this workaround could be fine for now.