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AxelC 9 years ago in IQANdesign updated by A DOMS 8 months ago 9
The ability to compare project file with a visual tool would be nice.
Because for big project the text files compare is difficult to use.
Under review
In 4.00, you will be able to have multiple IQANdesign windows open at the same time.
Will this solve the request, or are you looking more for a highlighting function, like in the text-based comparison?
It will help but a highlighting function would be really a big improvement for project like mine where I have to maintain MD3 and MD4 code in parallel.

Is there any plan to make file compare work with external functions? 



The text based file compare works on .idex files from 6.02

A function missing on the "Compare With" tool is to double click and go directly to the chanel concerned by the red line.

Sometime it's very difficult to find where is the chanel concerned on big project.

Have you tried using the Find function in IQANdesign with component IDs?

You quickly bring it up with Ctrl+F and then just enter the component ID


Ok when you search the BEGGIN number or END number you can find the component concerned.

Never tried, it seem to works well, thank you

Image 3945

Finally, it didn't work for all component.

Not sure yet, but I think it's only for comments that it doesn't work.