multiple line button text

David Dufour 8 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 8 years ago 2

Did you expect to implement in the future the option to allow multiple text line in the button?

Actually, we can only have 1 line. In my understanding, I'm unable to do this.

Could be useful to minimize the space used when more text is required.


I would also like the ability to have 2 lines of text in a button

There is no plan for it at the moment, but perhaps there will be more requests for it.

A workaround is to take an empty text button, and place two label controls on it. With button height set to Large, you can fit two label controls with height 18 px (default for small font) on it.

The drawback of this workaround is that the text labels will not invert color when pressing the text button, as they do when using the text button text.