Cannot add a PWM bi-directional channel to legacy XT2 with latest software version

Ross McLeod 8 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Ulrik Zakariasson (Software development) 8 years ago 4

Over the last year we have been building an expensive new hovercraft using modules MD3 and 3 units of XT2.

Now we have just updated to the latest version of IQAN Design, version and we find that the 'Bidirectional' option is no longer available for a PWM channel on the XT2 modules! It was available in older versions of IQAN design and we were accustomed to using it!

Because we cannot select the 'Bidirectional' option for setting up a new PWM channel. (Trying to use PWM out C1:2/3) it has really compromised the whole machine.

This option was available on older versions of IQAN design but not on the new version.

We just discovered this problem during machine trials and do not want to go back to older version because we already put a lot of work into the software design using the newer version. Also we have a lot of XT2 module still in stock.

The current out channels are already committed to other functions so we must get bidirectional control in a PWM channel. Otherwise we cannot deliver this very expensive machine!

Urgent that we find a way to fix this... please.


Hi Guys,

Thanks for fixing this so quickly. I am not so experienced with this program and surprised I found the bug, but all is well that ends well.

BTW, we use SUN cartridge valves and coils. Did you ever consider providing other device parameters other than Parker devices? It is difficult to find out the starting and finishing mA for the Sun valve coils. Might help you to steal some market from competitors...



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You're right, this error was introduced in IQANdesign 4.04. It will be solved in the next IQANdesign version (4.05) which is planned for released in the end of next week.

Thanks guys, all good now.

I attached a picture of the machine for your interest. This was built a few years back and programmed by some other people. Now we are working on a new version and additionally I am learning to do the programming myself.




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Impressive machine, good luck with your programming!