Corrupt File - Stream Read Error

ksilovich 8 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Ulrik Zakariasson (Software development) 8 years ago 5

This is the second time this has happened to me. I go to open a program and get a Corrupt File - Stream Read Error. What causes this. And is there anyway to recover the file. I really don't like loosing a days worth of work. Image 572

By default IQANdesign makes a backup of the file before saving. So you can check for a file named "Backup copy of <filename>" and try to open that.

To be able to determine the reason for the file being corrupted we need to examine the file. Depending on what is wrong we might also be able to recover the content. You can send the file to us using this link: https://iqan.sharefile.com/filedrop

One reason for corrupted files might be problems with the file system. So it might be good to check the disk for errors. Right click on the disk in windows explorer and select properties. The error checking is found under the tools tab in the property dialog.

Is the file stored in a location that is being synchronized with e.g. dropbox or any similar tool?

The first time it happened, the file was on a network drive.

The second time it happens it was saved on my desktop.

This happened to 2 different programs, it was not the same program each time it happened.

I used the backup but lost about 4hrs of work, I redid that work already. I would just like to understand what causes this so it doesn't happen again to me.

File has been sent in.

Thanks for the file and additional info. The location of the error within the file indicates some issue on the file system (the error is located on a position divisible with 1024 kb). Note that even if you save the file to a network location we first save it to a temporary file on your harddrive before it is copied to the final destination. This is to avoid overwriting an existing file before we have saved the complete file.

So I would still recommend a file system check on your computer to minimize the risk of corrupted files. Also check if any of your harddrives has limited space left.

I will continue to look into the issue to find out if there could be anything other that could cause the file to be corrupted.


This could happen in some rare cases when opening a previously saved file, typically when there were some issues with Windows file system.Files are now checked and verified after a save to make sure nothing went wrong.

Fixed in IQANdesign 4.06.