MD4-7 J1939 comunication

Ulf Bergquist 8 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 8 years ago 4

I have a MD4-7 display to read the CAN and I have problem to get the the PGN 65282 or any adder to be read by the display see attach snap shot. I have installed also an MD3 display on the same CAN and that one can read the can massage with no trouble. see attach snap shot The can trafic are only 25%.

Image 637

Image 636

Hej Ulf,

A suggestion is to check the J1939 module in the system layout that the JFIN is assigned. The JFIN in the MD4 application could be assigned to a module with the wrong source address.

It looking to same source address the adder. I also add more JFIN and they will not work. It looks like I have hit max available JFIN. I have also used IQAN Analyse to see SA adress.

I add one more JFIN and that one are not working but the problem one works?

I am not sure if you sorted this one out already, but one observation is that in the screenshot from IQANanalyze, the PGN 65283 is not present.

I am not sure if this was because the sending of PGN 65283 by Source Address 40 was added at a later stage?

The source address on the assigned module does not show in this screenshot from IQANdesign, but all JFIN:s that are shown here belong to the same module, so they will all have to match the same Source Address.

In general, you will see the status "Not evaluated" on any JFIN/JPIN/GFIN/GPIN that has not been received since startup, and that has no timeout defined.

In addition to PGN number and Source Address, the other properties that determines if the JFIN is matching the CAN frame is Priority and paged protocol.

The priority can be ignored by setting this property to the default "don't care"