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adjustable button not working - 3.18 - no passcode prompt

Zach 9 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Ulrik Zakariasson (Software development) 9 years ago 2
On my computer, I click on an adjustable that is locked by the third pin code on the machine.
I get prompted for a pin code, enter it, and then can adjust as I desire.
I have a windows 64bit system.

On the md3 and on the md4, the pin code prompt does not come up, and the adjustment can't be made.

This machine has three pin codes.
Only one of the sets is not working that I am aware of.
Three coworkers, with their three laptops, could not get the pin code page to come up.
I wondered if it was because they are using 32bit machines maybe.

I don't understand why the md3 and md4 will not prompt for a pin, or let them do an adjustment.

What I mean is that when I hit the button on my computer in the simulator, I get brought to the pin entry page. I put in the pin. I then am able to do the adjustment.

Two coworkers are unable to be prompted for a pin or make the adjustment with their laptops.
They also are unable to get prompted or make an adjustment at the machine on the md3 or the md4.

Program is in 3.18.

This is kind of urgent.
I still don't understand what happened, but it started working.
Satisfaction mark by Zach 9 years ago
It was some visibility issue, a remnant of the times before multiple masters.
It was a bug in our programming.