TP Channel Question

Nick Pridham 8 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 8 years ago 4

Is there a Q code function for parsing out the value of a text string (TP Channel)? I want to write the ASCII ref for each character of the text string to an array.

Q code for how many characters in the text string?

Q code for get character 7,6,5,3,2 ... from a TP channel?


No, there is no function in current version for converting from text string to its corresponding asscii values.

It might be an idea for a future version.

We would be interested in built in ASCII converter function as well. Being able to decode the machine ID into ascii woudl be most beneficial.

But is there any Q code function to parse out a text string, the result for which I can feed into an LTC ASCII convertor?


Hi Nick,

No, there are no Qcode function in IQANdesign 4.01 that takes channels of type text as input.