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security level for "unrestricted clone"

GPARRY 3 years ago in IQANrun updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 1 month ago 5

Iqan Run clones no longer pull settings I think a clone should be exactly that an identical copy of the software your cloning.

I would like a clone to pull settings regardless of security level

we set OEM settings at the factory and our dealers have less privileges so when they clone a display and send it to a new one none of the settings go with it

we really need a clone to be exactly the same!

This may be a long shot:

Memorizing channel values timer channel values excreta pulled into the clone


When getting a clone file from a master module, the clone file will be complete and include all the settings. When loading the clone file in a master, it will load the settings that are available to the user with their access level. What this means is that if there are additional settings that the user does not have access to while logged in, then those settings will not be loaded with the clone file.


Like Kerry says the clone contains all settings from the machine. The problem is when the cone is being sent and the user does not have access to change all settings. We realize this is a problem and there are plans on a solution in a future release. It is not as easy as just letting anyone change all settings when sending a clone though, since that actually opens up a security hole. For instance, you could then copy a protected setting from one machine to another.


One other aspect to consider is when sending a clone to a blank module, when the master module is empty it does not have any security levels yet, and it is not possible to log in. To send a clone in that case;

1. send the clone

2. log in at the correct access level

3. send the same clone again

As Ulrik and Kerry both mentioned, settings that the logged in user does not have access to will not be updated. One solution for this that has been discussed is to have a security level for "unrestricted clone", similar to the way there is a security level for send settings.

If the technician on site performing the send clone operations needs a higher access level, a workaround could be to embed the clone in a script file that does the login and the send clone operation.

Took the liberty of changing the title on this post reported as a bug "Iqan Run Clone pull settings"


security level for "unrestricted clone"

The current behavior isn't really a bug, although it certainly looks so, it is more of "missing feature not many people know about"..

With a security level for "unrestricted clone" similar to that for e.g. send settings, it would be possible for users logged in at that level to send clones where the adjust groups have higher access levels, and have these updated also.