IQAN Design Finder Function

Nick Pridham 7 years ago in IQANdesign updated by chuck streb 3 years ago 4

When working on large complex application files written by someone else, finding out about a function is often quite difficult. Take *Brakes* as a search query: Could we have a finder function in the software that could deliver all relevant channels to a finder window with *Brakes* in the channel description?

When searching with Ctrl+F, have you tried using the F3 shortcut for Find again?

It does not present a list like you are asking for, but it jumps to the next component matching the search

The question was posted as a private helpdesk ticket, do you mind if I move it to the public portion of the forum for a more open discussion?

Yes please move it to public.

The existing find function is fine as long as you know what you are looking for. For example: I want to go a non familiar application file and find everything with "brake pedal" somewhere in the channel name or description. This text could appear anywhere in the channel name or description.

Find (Ctrl+F) does not find all values even is you use F3 after. I used it for public scope tags and it does not find all the tags even though they exist in the code.  *BUG*