Create new Measure Group with IQANRun 3.xx

Mirre 9 years ago in IQANrun updated by Ulrik Zakariasson (Software development) 6 years ago 7
There is a new feature called Quick Measure planned for IQANrun, coming in 2015. This feature will make it possible to define your own measure items in IQANrun.
Under review
Good idea, it was one feature that was lost when moving from IQANrun 2 to IQANrun 3

One idea for re-introducing this feature is to be able to add a user defined measure group in a similar way as in IQANrun 2. Probably one user defind measure group per master module.

Another idea would be to have a free-floating measure window for 'quick measure', like it was in IQANdevlop, where only the name values and status was shown, but without the graph.

The old multimeter feature from IQANdevelop (anyone old enough to remember?) is back! It lets you add any channel or measure item to a satellite window where you can measure while performing other operations in IQANrun. Added in 5.02.

But measuring with graph would be even better and possibility to save the measuring file...



I am old enough to remember something similar in IQAN Extra!