Is there any way to write measure values onto a report while also displaying the values on a page?

Ed Warnick 7 years ago in IQANscript updated by Ulrik Zakariasson (Software development) 7 years ago 3

As of right now, I must progress to the next script page to write a value onto a report. It would be nice to be able to loop report entries on a page.


With the property include in report on the measure action the value is only picked when exiting the page. The other option for collecting data to the report is the script action Report entry, but this can only be placed outside of a page.

A workaround could be to use the script action Write info text. This gives you the option to present simple text output to the user outside of a page, where you can place it in a loop and control the update frequency with the Delay action.

Attached is a script file for this, simulate the attached IQAN-MC41 application to test it:

Loop measure and write to report.iss4

Application with pressure sensor.ida4

Thanks for the response!