MD4 Graphics Options

Richard Staite 9 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Ulrik Zakariasson (Software development) 8 years ago 4
It would be nice to have the option of changing the Text size within Text Buttons and also change the height and colourings of the button area.
Another nice option would be to be able to fill in areas bounded by lines with blocks of colour which could be selectable by another channel. I know that this is possible by creating colour images and then imputing them but this would be a much easier method.
Another thing which we seem to get requests for regularly is the ability to graph items on screen. I have asked whether this might be possible before but up til now this functionality has always been too video processor hungry - I wonder if the new spec of the MD4 might now be able to cope with it?
Regarding text buttons, you can use a custom button to achieve this. A little bit more work, since you have to create images for your buttons, but possible. I've added your request to our idea database.

Same thing with your idea with filled areas, you described the workaround yourself, but I've added it to our database.

IQANdesign 4 will add a graph control for the MD4 displays. I've seen workarounds for this too, but it's very complicated to achieve.
For the idea about the text buttons, there are two alternatives to the custom button that Ulrik already suggested.
One other alternative solution is to use the display page properties to change the size and color. For the text button, it is the medium font you change.

This changes all the texts with this font, so that you can maintain a similar style throughout the display pages.

The third alternative is to simply make an empty text button, an put a Label as the text on top of it, and then create a group from these. The only drawback of that method is that you have to center the text yourself, and that it does not automatically invert color when pressing the button.

For the suggestion of the channel controled filled in area. I think that for the filled in areas, an image with a state channel as image selector is a good way to do it.
An alternative if you have just one color you want to switch to is to make it with the Line control. You can make it quite wide, so that it becomes more of a rectangle than a line, and control showing of it with the Visible property.
Thanks Gustav - I had already realised all of the info about the display page properties, but as you point out this is universal and I was looking to be able to make these changes on a per page or even a per button/text basis. 
The idea about the line control one is great i had not thought about doing it that way before!

New display page controls, Line and Bar graph, added in IQANdesign 4.0.