PCC logic

RobinArvidsson 7 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 7 years ago 1

is it possible to have one numerical prompt asking for PIN but multiple pin codes, activating different PCC's.

As a login prompt, and based of the pin code one will have access/made visable to different buttons, menus adjust groups etc?

There is no function to do exactly what you ask for, but there are some alternatives to consider:

You can vary the PIN code to that the PCC channel use, see the solution library example "PIN code variation"

To use this to grant access to different functions depending on which PIN code it is that is entered, you will first need to make some sort of selection, e.g. with a state picker. Then the selected state and the value of the PCC could be combined to grant access to different functions. You would need to hide the state picker or reset the PCC to avoid a situation where one could enter a lower access PIN and then gain higher access simply by using the state picker.

An easier alternative may be to use several different PCC:s. Instead of controlling adjust item and adjust group visibility, you can select a PCC as the PIN code for an adjust group, then a a dialog with that PCC will be presented when the user tries to enter that adjust group. The other adjust groups protected by the same PCC will be opened up at the same time, reducing the need to re-enter the PIN multiple times.