IQANsimulate 3.15 Bug

Masia Jean-Baptiste 9 years ago in IQANsimulate updated by Tuomas 9 years ago 6
In my project I have 1 MD4 and 2 MC3.
Image 58

with the version 3.14 of IQAN I don't have a probleme.
I have updated my IQANdesign and Simulate with 3.15 V
When I want simulated my project, all my Can in and Can out don't work.
Image 59

Do you have a solution for this problem.

Under review
We have found a problem in IQANsimulate 3.15.14 that can cause this symptom. There will be an update for IQANsimulate released this week.
I don't know if problem is same, but some of XS2 modules Digital In are always true when you start the simulation. This problem is with simulator version 3.14 an 3.15.
Like now I have XS2 pin C1:16 always true when you start simulation, other pins are false. Is there any way to reset these simulation settings that all pins are false when starting simulation?
Hi Tuomas,

There is a way to reset digital inputs, but you have to do it in IQANdesign. Start simulation from IQANdesign, then go to the channel (still in IQANdesign) and change its value to False using the slider (must be done in the function group view, not in the module block diagram view). Stop the simulation and save the file in IQANdesign (you may need to change something to be able to save, e.g. move a channel slightly so the save button lights up). The new value is now saved in your ida3 file and will be used as start value when simulating.

We plan to improve this functionality in 4.0, so that you don't need to think so much about saving files when simulating. We'll come back with more information later.
Thank you Ulrik!
Now all inputs are false when starting simulation
Thank for you reactivity.
The new update is functional.