MD4 Display Page - Dynamic Graphic Objects - Dynamic XY Co Ordinates

Nick Pridham 9 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Marcel 3 years ago 10 3 duplicates

I have an application where I want to show an access platform arm with 2 articulation joints: Lift & Reach. I want to draw 2 lines on the display page and connect them to the angle sensors. If the lift function is active, then the Lift line should rotate. At the same time the Reach line should dynamically recalculate its XY co ordinates to continue position itself at the end of the Lift line. I think this function calls for dynamic co ordinate properties.

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This feature would aid in the construction of  display pages for most of my applications. At the moment getting this type of graphical display is a long process that uses a lot of memory and programming time. 
Under review
Existing feature request in our idea database, but it has not been planned for a release yet. Your comments are added.
This would be so wonderful...
Under review
This is currently being investigated. Hopefully we will see it implemented in 4.0 or one of the following releases.

Will this be a V5.0 feature or before?

It has been moved to IQANdesign 5. Sorry about the delay in getting this implemented.

I have a similar need in a project I am working on. I am looking forward to this feature.


Finally available in IQANdesign 5. Images and lines can now be moved in run-time.