Refresh adjust group when parameter changed

Laura 7 years ago in IQANrun updated 3 years ago 3

When I change a parameter in a adjust group and another parameter his visability is depending of that parameter the parameter that should become visable is nog visible yet.

Please refresh the adjus group when the first parameter is changed.

Now we have to leve the adjust group and enter it agian.

In the menu of te masters it is working perfect.

Under review

The behavior is the same in the MD4 menu system, that is the only place where I have thought of this limitation that adjsut item visibilty and the symbol for enable is updated only when entering the adjust group.

For MD4 menu system, I am guessing it might be tricky to change the behavior, but for the IQANrun behavior I agree that this looks more strange, as there is one page showing the adjust items, and another where adjustments is made.


We discussed this one some time ago, but I forgot to go back and update the post. 

Refreshing the adjust group list of items continuously would make things more complex, better to focus on other features.