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Wandi B. Santoso 7 years ago in IQANrun updated by axlec 4 years ago 7

I bought the IQAN MDL2 display, but i really didn't know it was a blank unit. Anyone can help me for program installation? or some instruction what i can do on the display, please?

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To use the IQAN-MDL2, you must contact the OEM that built the machine. They will have the correct application file for the machine, this must be downloaded to the MDL2. The service department at the OEM who built the machine should be able to assist you in how to load this to a blank module.

Actually, Super user still having a restriction to get clone on my IQAN MDL2. Why it could be a problem on the software? We are using run script access on it.

it could become a problem again while send the clone to my new IQAN MDL2? am i right?

When logging in to the MDL2 using IQANrun, the highest access level is "Superuser", but this login is not needed for the get clone operation.

Instead, what is preventing the get clone operation is the Limited access password.

When an application file is protected with a limited access password (most applications are), this limited access password is needed for both get and send operations.

Logging in with the correct access level may be necessary if the clone is sent to an MDL2 that already has the application loaded. It is relatively common that settings are protected by a user login.

Both the limited access password and a user login can be provided as "safe passwords", that are locked to one PC and that can be created so that they are time limited.

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Do you have sample .ida file for IQAN-MDL2? actually i only have clone file, and i want to downgrade IQAN-MDL2 version 3 to version 2. So in my logic are, 1. we downgrader the version 2. Using IQANRUN 2 i send clode to IQAN-MDL2.

I recommend that you contact the OEM to get this. For an IQANdesign user it is very quick to start IQANdesign 2 and make a minimal .ida file with just an MDL2. But the OEM may have specific routines for machine updates that you should follow, so you should talk to them. 

I have the same problem,

Does it still require a password if I login as superuser?
How can I upload files from the mdl module, 
what steps should i follow, 
I have run iqan v2.50 software ??