Adjustable IP address

Greg R 7 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Thomas Moberg (System support) 5 years ago 9

We have a number of systems that use the same project except that they require different static IP addresses. We need to make and update separate programs for each system to accomplish this. It would be nice to have the IP address as an adjustable parameter so that we can maintain one IQAN project for all of our systems.


This can now be achieved using the new feature constant channels in IQANdesign 5.

There is an example to see how to create a function to allow IP changes directly on the display or iQanRun ?

I feel a bit confused, I didn't see how we can define a "constant channel" with the iQandesign 5.x



Constant channels are added in the initialization function group which can be added in the top level function group of an application. See page 231 in the IQANdesign user manual for more information on the Initialization function group and constant channels.

Attached is an example where constant channels (Text parameter channels) are used for IP settings of an MD4.

IP Address Example.idsx

I am also having a very difficult time setting up a constant channel, specifically connected to the TSC1 Source Address, could someone post another example with the TSC1 Source Address hooked up to a Constant Channel?

Thanks Ulrik!  Got it working now.

I am using version 5.03 on an MD4 and have tried to implement an adjustable IP address but it does not seem to work as expected. I have changed the address in the initialization block and reset the module. It is still addressed as the default IP address. When I connect and measure through the default IP address I can see that the adjustable value is different but it does not affect the actual IP address. 

Hello Greg.

I have done some testing here and it looks like it is only the default value of the text parameter that is used when you have it connected to the IP.

What you can do is to have a state parameter connected to the text parameter and then adjust the state parameter instead.

You would then have a default value on the text parameter for each of the states.

Then you can at least have a number of predefined IP addresses that you can change between.