Generic CAN and simulation

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I have a design involving MD4 and MC2 multimaster setup in a Generic CANbus. MC2 feeding values to MD4 via CAN. When I run the simulation of the design the values do not seem to pass on to MD4 display. I have double checked the CAN frame address and field definitions and they are ok.

However, if I create a Simulation group for MD4 and get the channel updated directly from MC2, then I can see the value changing. But I'd guess this bypasses CAN messaging completely and uses Simulator's own message passing mechanisms.

Is Generic CAN messaging simulation something that is not supported? Or am I doing some fundamental mistake here?


Thanks for the quick reply! Good to know also about the examples library.

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You are using it in the right way when you are controlling the GPIN/JPIN channels as simulation items in IQANsimulate.

IQANsimulate does not simulate the actual CAN messages on a bus, it gives control over the input channels on the application layer.

In the solutions library that comes with the installation, there is a J1939 example of passing messages between masters and simulating this, the files

Multi master JFOUT.ids4

Multi master JFOUT.isa4

When using APPOUT/APPIN, the values are passed automatically in simulation, but for bus utilization reasons, I would not recommend using this between MD4 and MC2.


Would it be possible (as an enhancement request) to get Generic and j1939 messages to simulate between masters in a future version? (similar to the APPOUT/APPIN). This will save a lot of troubleshooting time as there will be a lot of data passed this way in multi-master systems.


Has there been a update to simulate J1939 messages in newer version? How are others simulating?