Software Compatability Protection

Rick 7 years ago in IQANrun updated by Ulrik Zakariasson (Software development) 7 years ago 1

Maybe this is already in IQAN, but in that case I wouldn't know how: How to avoid the Service-guy from accidentally loading an incomptable version into a MC2/3/4?

Example. We have a 2017 machine with a "Chassis MC2". Next year we make the same machine, same "Chassis MC2", but with a different 2018 program. Because the machines look the same, it's easy to make a mistake and load the 2017 program into a 2018 machine, or vice-versa.

Would it be possible to define a certain "Program ID" or "Family" value in IQAN-Design? And then when uploading a newer version, to let IQAN check this tag first. If different, IQAN should warn (but still allow eventually if you are 100% sure).


All right, thanks. Got to say I never noticed this warning after ~9 years IQAN usage though! Not sure whether I just didn't get it often, or didn't really read the warning. I know, I know... one should read. Then again, after so many messages (ID-tag mismatch, alien module found, sure about this or that, ... ) you start ignoring and just click ok blindly.

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Use the project ID feature in IQANdesign. You will find it under Project > Properties. At the bottom left in the project properties dialog box, click Change ID. Project ID is checked when sending a project file to a machine, if they don't match a warning is displayed. Also, if you continue anyway, all logs and settings are cleared. Read more about it in the user manual (search for "project id").