disabling redundant J1939 joysticks?

Forrest 7 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 7 years ago 3

I use J1939 joysticks. In the past, each joystick required a dedicated program. This time around I am trying to cover all current and expected joystick options, then enable the correct one(s) in the settings.

It sort of works, but I still get errors on start-up saying the disabled ones are not connected.

I am using Design 4.04, and the C CAN network on an MD3 module for the joystick(s) and a J1939 switch-pad. I have the module enable with an IDC driven by an adjustment group setting and the software functional group enabled by the same IDC.

The method you are describing should work.

It is the property Enabled on the J1939 module that must be set to false to avoid the No contact popup.

Disabling the function group with the JFIN:s do not prevent the No contact error message.

One thing to try is to just use a DP instead of the IDC to enable/disable the J1939 joysticks, just to be sure the issue is not related to the logic of the IDC.

Thanks, found my error. Those darned 1s and 0s getting mixed up.