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Multi Language Date and Time Display Issue

Luke Ricker 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 4

IQAN Design 4.06.12


With some languages, the system date and time fields won't display correctly.

Has anyone experienced this before?

Here's what it looks like in English:

Image 725

In Norwegian:

Image 726

In Dutch:

Image 727

Japanese works, though...:

Image 728




The reason the date and time format can be different in different languages is the option to make time format and date format multi-language under the user interface localization property.

I wonder if you for some reason have gotten the incorrect characters you see on the MD4 display page entered in the date format for Norwegian and Dutch

Time format

h = hour, m = minute, s = second, t = am or pm
h = 12 hour, H = 24 hour
hh, mm, ss = leading zero
h, m, s = no leading zero
Example: HH:mm:ss = 15:04:31

Date format

y = year, M = month, d = day
y, M, d = no leading zero
yy, MM, dd = leading zero
yyyy = 4 digit year
MMM, ddd = short name (Jan, Mon)
MMMM, dddd = long name (January, Monday)
Example: dd/MMM/yy = 02/Nov/03


Aha! Yes! Someone put foreign characters into the date format parameters...

It works now after I fixed them.