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i want to use the standard lc6 joystick for multiple functions.

If i want to adjust the cilinders on the left side of the blade, i press the rocker ( proportional ) down, then press forwards for the '1 left' function and then i move the joystick left or right to open or close the '1 left' function.

Witch function is the advise to use? the Q code could be an option i assume.


Kind Regards Christophe

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Hello Christophe.

You can do this with the limiting function on the Math channels.

You have four math channels, one for each function.

For the '1 Left' function you use the X axis as the controlling signal.

Then in the limiting part of the Math channel you set that if the rocker is in down position you allow 100% and otherwise it allow 0%.

In the same limiting you also have the condition that the Y axis have to be in upp position to allow 100% and otherwise it allow 0%.

Then you have the whole limiting part set to min of absolute.

You could also do it with the Qcode as you said.


If Rocker < -90 and Y axis < -90 then

Result :=vector(X axis, (-100, -100), (-10, 0), (10, 0), (100, 100))
Result := 0


Might be easier if i make an example for you

Multi function example.ids4

Merci, its working!
Qcode is still a mystery for me, is there more information or tutorials available about Qcode? ( except the IQAN manual )


There is an introduction video to Qcode on the Vimeo IQAN channel, see here: https://vimeo.com/channels/iqan/155092087