IQANdesign 4.07

Gustav Widén (System support) 7 years ago in IQANdesign updated 7 years ago 4

Main feature updates

MD4: Theme colors for menu system

New properties available on display page container makes it possible to change theme colors for the IQAN-MD4 menu system.

Image 735

Control all SP state names through single TP

If the state names of an SP is connected to a TP and that TP has the same SP as mode selector, the retrieval of the name(s) from the TP will be based on the state ordinal in the SP instead of the SP channel value.

Image 736

Example: You have an adjustable TP with states to define driver names and want those driver names to be the state names of an SP so you can see them in a state picker.

Image 737

MD4: Add "Copy mode" to menu system

The "copy mode" feature on adjust groups, previously available in MD3 and IQANrun, is now also available in the MD4 menu system. It can for example be used to copy driver settings for COUT:s. To enable this feature, set allow copy mode to yes.

Image 738

The function becomes available in the MD4 men system in the list view of adjust groups.

Image 739

When copying a mode, the user select which mode to copy from, and this gets copied to the active mode.

Image 740

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Is Connect via bluetooth coming soon for windows for the G11?

The bluetooth connection in IQANrun/IQANdesign for windows is coming, but it will be sometime after 5.00


I'm playing with the SP/TP link feature. When running the simulator I can't get the names displayed in the state picker to change after I adjust the text parameter unless I reset the simulator... I assume the same would happen on an actual unit (you would have to power cycle the ECM before the state picker names would change). Is this a bug? Am I missing something?

I saw this too. Yes, the state picker behavior it is the same behavior in IQANsimulate and on the actual IQAN-MD4. It is not necessary to restart the module, but you do have to switch to another display page and back for the list of names in the state picker to be updated.