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J1939 - SPN Library Included

Nick Pridham 8 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 5 years ago 4

J1939 -71 is now delivered as a large spreadsheet(digital annex) which makes it much easier to search. J1939 implementations from scratch is still a large task. Have you ever considered adding an SPN library to IQAN Design. Clicking on an SPN automatically assigns a parameter to the correct PGN frame with the default J1939 -71 descriptions. It also automatically adds that SPN to the DM1 list. I think this would speed up J1939 implementations.


A large portion of this idea was added in version 5.02, with the inclusion of J1939 in the CAN database. 


This import creates JFIN+JPIN / JFOUT+JPOUT channels

What this feature doesn't do is add SPN channels to the DM1, for generating popup-messages and seeing clear-text description in the DM1/DM2 viewer. That could perhaps be a nice addition. 


Yeah this would be perfect. Would be such an advanced part if there is a spreadsheet based file that we can add descriptions, language types, of the SPN meaning. Then when a DM1 appears, no matter the devices, Engine, Transmission etc, we can show an actual text description on items like the IQAN Run App etc.