MC4x PWM Frequency

ksilovich 7 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 7 years ago 1

Is there a reason the new MC4x family doesn't support PWM frequencys in the 10-70Hz range? I know the XC10 will go do to 10hz and the MC31 went down to 25.

I have an application the MC42 would be perfect for, but I need one output at 32hz and another at 50hz.

It is not really an answer to the question of why the IQAN-MC42 PWM frequency is 71-500 Hz, but the lower limit of 71 Hz is actually what the IQAN-MC31 (and MC3) has too.

Not every frequency you can enter in IQANdesign 4 is possible to generate.

For IQAN-MC31, the possible dither frequencies are listed in Appendix A :


The range check in IQANdesign you see for MC3 and MC31 match the widest possible values for an IQAN-XA2

This table from the XA2 hardware manual gives an overview of how frequencies entered in IQANdesign are set to an actual frequency the module can generate.

May I ask what type of valves it is you are using that needs 32 Hz and 50 Hz?