Full list of mdgn status values

Mitch Houle 7 years ago in IQANdesign updated by DavidH 7 years ago 4

Is there a full list of Status Values for the module diagnostics? Given values are no contact=203 and ok=64. I'm displaying a message if the sensor triggers (looses power), but when the XA2 has no contact or other error it will falsely display causing confusion with the customer. I'm intending to block the error for no contact, critical can, address, etc. but not for output, input, vref, temp, etc.

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There is a complete list in the IQANdesign user manual. Look at the MDGN channel (pages 168-170 in version 4.07).

I'm looking for a way to do the same thing as the original poster: block the system error for expansion modules with 203 no contact but allow all other system messages. Is there a way to selectively block system messages?

Hello David.

There is no way to selectively remove different errors.

You could use the enable property on the module to disable the module.

Then you will not get any No contact if you remove the module, but you can not use any channels from the module either.

But it can be used if you have a module that is not connected at all times and when it is connected you have a digital setting you change to activate it.

We were able to use an input signal to the MD4 to disable the expansion modules when they are not powered. To work correctly there needs to be a slight delay between powering the expansion modules and enabling them. After this we had no more "no contact" messages.