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Possible Graphic bug on MD4

Richard Staite 9 years ago in IQANdesign updated 9 years ago 4

I have been updating an existing application for use on Iqandesign 3 and MD4 and on a couple of the interactive display pages I am getting a strange 'ghost' image appearing near some of the interactive buttons - is this a bug of some kind as they are not part of the image

Image 22

Any help or advice as to how I might be able to get rid of them?
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Not a bug
Hi Richard,
A what you can do to find the problem is to use the function to hide display controls in the display editor. 

This lets you hide the display controls one by one in the editor. 

You will most probably see if this goes away if you hide your symbol buttons.
Then use the component navigator to check what image you have connected to the symbol button, I am certain you will find the image there.
It does go away if you hide the symbol button, but they are not part of the image - the image is only 53 x 53 pixels and the ghost image is a long way outside the boundary that is visible when you are editing the item. When you un hide the image the ghost disappears  and re- appears when you unhide all the other items.
I suggest you check the image size again. I think that you might have accidentaly connected an image much larger than this to your symbol button.

When you locate the image in the image group, and hover over it with the mouse, you can see a preview of the image and you see its size. You also see the size in the lower left corner.
Ah Ok I see now - I hadn't actually selected it - i had intended for the image to be blank - it it just that the first image in the list is this one!  There is no option here to have 'none' - to might be an idea for the future?