conditional message state seems latched

Frederick Prigge 7 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Pierre Fagrell 2 years ago 3

I use the state of some conditional messages to drive some alarm buzzers. In older releases when the user acknowledged the dialog box or if it went away because of the hiding conditions, the "output" state used to go from true to false. Now even when the user closes the message, the channel stays true.

As far as I can recall, it has worked like this since IQANdesign 1.x

The CMSG channel will change value from false to true when the Showing object group change to true.

It will stay at true until the Hiding object group is changing to true.

Pressing OK on the CMSG dialog will not change the value of the CMSG.

The CMSG will always pop up again if there is a change from false to true on the Showing object group (and hiding is false)

If you want the user interaction to change the channel value, then the interactive message IMSG can be used instead.

I was confused by this aswell.

Perhaps it would be more obvious how this works if the dropdown in "Showing" column should be changed to show "Latching And", "Latching Or". Then it would be consistent with how normal digital channels work.

As it is now you select "And" in the dropdown and expect it to be non-latching.