Application Collaboration

chuck emmons 7 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Jan Gillesen 7 years ago 2

Is there a best practice document or description on how to collaborate multiple developers on one application?


This is hard to do with the current version of IQANdesign, since everything related to a project is contained in one single file. The single file approach has of course a lot of advantages, but team collaboration is not one of them.

IQANdesign 5 will make collaboration a lot easier with the introduction of external files. This feature will allow you to extract parts of your application logic to separate files, making it possible for multiple developers to work on the same project simultaneously. IQANdesign will keep track of all external files used in a project and make sure the project is updated with any changes in those files.

IQANdesign 5 is planned for release this summer.


That is good to hear Ulrik! Being able to work on different functions in the software in parallel would be very very nice. 

Chuck, this is a very rough sketch of our approach:

Our approach with two developers is alternating between three tasks: 

- Designing behaviour (on flowchart level)

- Transfering the flowcharts to IQAN logic + simulation of logic

- Testwork

While switching between tasks we never have two developers touch the code at once to prevent version conflicts.

I would be interested in hearing other approaches.