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I think it would be useful to have the ability to set the time and date of the RTC on IQAN modules that have an RTC via the application.  For example, i may want to sync the time and date with another controller in the system via J1939 messages.

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No, there is no function for changing the date time via the application, only the functions in IQANrun, the menu system, and the synchronisation of clocks that happens at startup in a multi-master system.

There was another question on this here:


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Support for J19399 TDA PGN 54528 was added in 5.02

Other than enabling the TDA in the IQAN master module, what are the requirements for the TDA message such that it may be accepted by the IQAN master module?  Does it have to come from a specific source address or a broadcast source address?