Timer Rest Without Trigger MD3 Hard Reset?

Mitch Houle 7 years ago in IQANdesign updated 7 years ago 2

Is it possible that a Timer Channel could reset without being triggered (see below image). I have documentation showing that we sent out a machine with 5 hours, the next reading recorded was 3 hours. Our Service tech recalls seeing the screen flash and reset. 

Image 846

If the adjust item for the TMR channel is placed in an adjust group, then would be possible to reset it via the menu system.

If an update is sent to the master where the component ID of the TMR channel is different it would be cleared (as it is no longer the same channel)

If an update is sent via IQANdesign with the send option for overwriting stored values, it would be reset.

Sending a settings file would also overwrite it, unless the adjust item has been placed in an adjust group and protected by a higher access level. 

The TMR is not adjustable and is only showing the yellow box due to store value being set to Yes. Also there is no resetting trigger.

No update or settings file were sent to the unit. Our Service technician claims that he has seen it reset durring when power has been dropped to the whole machine. I have never encountered this.