IQAN training schedule 2016 update

Gustav Widén (System support) 9 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Jan Gillesen 7 years ago 12

The 2016 schedule for IQAN training's are now available:

IQAN trainings Sweden

IQAN trainings US

IQAN training UK, new IQAN training in UK arranged at NFPC

During 2016, there will be both introduction level training, and training days focused on the IQAN Creative Studio version 4 updates.

Is it possible to record the training and post the video somewhere, like youtube?

The full 3-day training will probably be too much to record, but I'll try to make some more condensed videos.

Will the training (IQAN Creative Studio 4 -Upgrade) in Sweden be done in English or Swedish?

I have already attended the training for IQAN3, Any chance do you know if the US will have just the 1 day class for the IQAN 4 updates like the Sweden training offers?
Also do you know when IQAN 4 is going to be released, it would be nice to mess around with it before attending the new training.

I'll check with Kalebi and Kerry if they are planning on having a version 4 upgrade training.

For the version 4 release, we hope that we can release it already next week.


We will set up a webcast early 2016 to cover the features that are added in IQANdesign 4.

An IQAN training will be arranged at the National Fluid Power Centre in the UK, see:


Posted another IQANdesign tutorial video, this one is on limiting objects:


It also shows how to use a J1939 engine from the solution library

Has the 2017 US Training Schedule been released yet?

The North America training schedule is on our web site. I have provided a link: