Make log data available to the application and display pages

Gary Posey 7 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Jacob Meng 2 years ago 1

It would be a nice feature to make log data available to the application and display pages. For example, I like to use the logs to contain machine hours. This can include, engine hours, pump hours, motor hrs, valve hrs, fan hrs, filter dirty hrs, low grease hrs, number of starts, etc... Logs are good for storing the data, visible when you get the clone file c/w logs, with nice reset features.   However, this data is currently unavailable for use within the application control logics and display pages. Its current nice to see all of the machine hours in a common log group, but it would be nice to also display some select logs on the programmed pages for operator quick reference. As for use in the application, this data can be used to trigger conditioning message or have other functions.

An alternative solution to display machine hours on the log group and display pages would be to use timers in addition logs. However, these additional timers would result in duplicate and parallel logic to the logs, and is no perfect solution.

When using in an industrial teststand setting it would be great to be able to compare logged flow values at different points in a flow curve for calculating hysteresis. The ability to access/view logs in application would be gold!