IQANdesign 5 released

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We are happy to announce that IQANdesign 5 is released, bringing in powerful features for team collaboration and a brand new look! 

Main feature updates

New system layout 

The system layout grid view has been replaced by free positioning of the modules and buses.

Image 855

Add button Image 854
  Tool bars and context menus are replaced by an Add button in all views where you can add components. The Add button has additional features such as component search and hints.

Dynamic block diagrams 

Image 856

  Block diagrams now only shows pins that have channels assigned. Also other improvements such as pins showed separately for multi-pin channels and multiple categories for some I/O types, e.g. HS/LS categories for digital outputs.

Solution library
  Solution library added that lets you add ready-made solutions to your applications from the Add button.

External functions
  A new concept that allows you to place application logic in a file external to the project file where it is used. By doing that, you can reuse code in multiple projects, and also make it possible for two or more persons to work on the same project simultaneously.
Instances of the external function in the main project file can be automatically updated when the function in the external file is updated.

Move image and line controls in runtime
  It is now possible to control X and Y positions of images and lines using channels. This will allow you to do simple on-screen animations.

MC4x: CAN routing
  CAN routing adds a new concept of rules and exceptions to simplify routing of CAN frames between CAN ports on MC4 modules.

Software downloads

Check for updates on version 4 will direct you to any upcoming maintenance updates on that version, for downloading version 5, use these links: 

IQANdesign 5

IQANsimulate 5

IQANrun 5

IQANscript 5

IQANanalyze 5

IQANdesign 5 demo video

Features overview:

For more details, see:

IQANdesign 5.00 release notes


My previous IQAN licences are not valid for IQAN 5. Are they requiring additional purchasing?



Hi Frank,

Previous IQAN licenses supported the new IQAN5.

My licences were from IQAN 2. And they are not working.

Which versions have you installed right now? I think you Need to install version 2 first, then the successors.

I also tried to install Iqan 5 last week and my license was not recognised. I have 4.07and many previous versions installed already on this license?

Same issue for me:

The license number you entered is not valid. Error message: Serial numer is erroneous.

This messages pops up as soon as I run the installation file.

Problem with older license numbers is under investigation.

There are changes in the license handling, but earlier IQANdesign and IQAN Creative Studio licenses are supposed to work on 5.00. We are investigating.

Great news!!

On my computer the windows protection made an alert before installing

Same with avast

I had to disable avast live check to install the software

The problem with older licenses not working has now been resolved. Please use links above to download new versions.

Works fine now!

Thank you for fast respons.

Working and thanks for the quick response!

My license key works for all of 5.0 except script. Do we need a different key or?


IQANscript 5.00 works with the license for IQAN Productive Studio (versions 2.x to 4.x )

Is the IQAN Customize going to have 5.0 version?

No, IQANcustomize is being discontinued from version 5 and onwards. As a replacement for IQANcustomize archive pages in IQANrun, it is possible to build up similar functionality using IQANscript, although it will look different. The possibility to create IQANrun setup files with alternative names and certain buttons disabled was almost never used. 


Are there any plans to be able to control the RGB values of lines through channels?

The Installation is hung at this point:

Dear in IqanSync on iOS it not possible to see the file type .idax.

We're working on getting the apps IQANsync and IQANrun up to version 5. Hope to have them released before end of September.