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Showing the pin connections on the module screen in Version 5 is really nice.  However, not showing all of the available I/O makes it difficult to see how pins are shared between different channel types. For example, you may not realize that you could simply move a DOUT to a different channel assignment (i.e. DOUT:F rather than DOUT:I) to allow for an additional COUT that shares a pin assignment with DOUT:I (ref XA2 module).  Is it possible to have the option to show all the I/O like before, but keep the pin connections displayed?


I wholeheartedly agree. The I/O view in the previous versions were very user friendly and descriptive.

Being able to move IOs to different pins in order to have the optimum configuration was a breeze. It was so easy that anyone without experience with IQAN could open up the software, just add all the IOs they need inside the application and then drag&drop those into different modules to find out the best configuration that would suit their needs.

I hope there will be an option to revert back to the old view for this menu in the future updates.

Under review

There are plans on a feature that will let you see all pins, but as you have discovered, it is not available in 5.0. Your feedback helps us prioritize our feature backlog.

When you start to drag them, the other available pins show up.

Maybe an idea: An expand option which Shows/hides all I/O.


Arno, you are right, there is still that.

The feature I mainly miss is the ability to see which of the other IOs are occupied when I add an IO.

In the bottom pic, I can clearly see that I need to move DIN-A to another pin to maximize my DOUT count.

Expand IO option would definitely be great.

I also agree that it was very helpful to see available I/O on the modules. If available I/O is not shown, I will need to open the instruction manual for each module and find the I/O list. I do appreciate the link to each instruction manual and datasheet on the module page.

Hello, Where can I download a new version of IQAN design (version 5.0) ? 

Hello All

New IQAN 5 is not yet on Parker website Support tab (Shortcut: www.iqan.com)

You can download IQAN 5 from IQAN forum :  http://forum.iqan.se/topics/908-iqandesign-5-released/

Thanks for the feedback on I/O list, this is Under Review

An other nice feature would be that for a none bidirectional PWM/current out, the not used connection is not displayed in the blok diagram and list

This is planned, did not make it for 5.00 release unfortunately.

Or that for a none bidirectional PWM/current out, you can use the not used connection as a DIN


IQANdesign 5.01 now has a Show menu added to the block diagram view, next to the Add button. It allows viewing of available and occupied pins. Also, when dragging a pin from the Add menu, available pins are displayed, letting you drop the pin where you like it.