Open Load on XA2 DOUT

mgoutier 7 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Hossein 6 years ago 3

I have a digital output on an XA2 (MD4-7 controller) that showed orange in IQAN Design and indicated open load. This was good to me as I was troubleshooting some odd problems. I added some functionality to the project basically saying if I am commanding the output but it is not true shut my machine down. The problem is once I did this I disconnected the solenoid (unplugged din connector with built in led) to test my logic and it didn't show open load as I thought it would. with the din connector disconnected I cycled power to my MD4 multiple time and tried to recreate "open load" again and could not. I checked all wiring and the coil resistance and everything looks good. 

I also am not getting an intermittent no contact on that particular XA2 module which I was not getting before the program update. This particular program has 5 XA2's. Also the system ran for about 600 hours with out issues. 

Any ideas would be a great help. 


Are you sure it was open load you had on the DOUT?

Did you hold the mouse over the channel to see the status in text or did you just see the red square?

On the XA2 DOUT there should not be any open load detection.

You only have that if it is configured as a COUT.

So the behaviour you describe later is what i would expect from a DOUT.

What you can have on a DOUT channel is the status 'No contact' if you lose contact with the XA2.

This is also indicated with the red square in IQANdesign, but if you hold the mouse over the channel it say 'No contact'

You can keep the status 'No contact' on the DOUT even after you get back the communication with the XA2 if you keep the DOUT in the true state all the time.

When you get an error on the DOUT you have to go back to False to get rid of the error.

So if you loose contact with the XA2 intermittently and keep the DOUT activated, you will have the status 'No contact' on the channel until you set it to false..


Help me

I have Xa2  module .red light is on and not blanking . I dont khow red light for what?