DM1 and IQAN-G3

Masia Jean-Baptiste 7 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 7 years ago 1


it is possible to retrieve DM1 information (under info> Modules> J1939module) (SPN and FMI) with the IQAN G3,

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To read DM1 info for a J1939 module in the MD4 menu system, there must be a DM1 channel assigned to the J1939 module. 

With the IQAN-G3 modem, you can connect with IQANrun and perform any operation you can do locally with IQANrun.

If the DM1 channel is in a measure group, it will be seen there, with the value indicating number of faults. 

And the IQANrun system overview will show the J1939 module with channel status of the DM1 if there are active faults. 

To see the SPN and FMI:s in this way, you would need to have a channel for each, and have them all in a measure group. 

So the answer is no, you cannot view the complete list of unknown SPN:s that the MD4 menu system can show using IQANrun, only that there are active faults.