Black Buttons on Color Background

Tia Muller 7 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Ulrik Zakariasson (Software development) 7 years ago 3

Is it possible to have black outlines (and text) on text buttons with a colored background screen? It seems they are automatic on white background but even after changing theme colors and copy/pasting black buttons they switch white on any colored background. 

Satisfaction mark by Tia Muller 7 years ago

Hello Tia.

You get the Black button when you have the white background because the inverted colour is set to black as standard.

If you go to root of the MD4 display pages you have the option to select your Text/symbol colour and your inverted Text/symbol colour.

As stated above, you need to change the Theme colors to have black text/outline on buttons etc.

Although, what I think you discovered is a built in feature, that if you have the background color set to the same as the Text/Symbol color, the Text/Symbol color will automatically be inverted.
Otherwise you would end up with e.g white text on white background, which is pretty... useless.