IQANdesign 4.07.14

Gustav Widén (System support) 7 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Michael Carlyle 7 years ago 5

IQANdesign 4.07.14 is now available on check for updates, see release notes:


The version 4.07.14 is containing updates for all master modules. 

Trying to simulate MD3 programs from Iqandesign crashes the program.  MD4 programs (with MC43's) simulate OK.  Seems to be limited to any program with an MD3.

Are you running IQANsimulate 4.07.5 (original release) or 4.07.6 (the one released together with IQANdesign 4.07.12)?

I tried both but could not get the MD3 simulation to crash using on any of them. 

Latest version of IqanSimulate - it will work if you open the program from Simulate. IqanDesign crashes when you hit the simulate button or try to "Save As" - seems only with MD3 programs.



Could you open the project file in 4.07.7 and check if you have a project check hint for "refers to itself" on one of the display pages? 

We found that with 4.07.12 and 4.07.14 the project check does not handle this, and so it will crash when performing e.g. save, project check or simulation. It is not MD3 specific, it happens on MD4:s also.