Idea : Table to manage error code

Florent Mirieu de Labarre 7 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Pierre Fagrell 1 year ago 6


I use an electronic variator with around 200 errors codes (it is 0x67A6, 0x5678, ...). 

Today it is possible with a Text+State Machine, but it is very long to do that and to maintain.

This idea is to create a new function : a table with two column, in column 1 : the code error, in column 2 : the error text. With input channel and a default text. The output is Text. It is a kind of multivector but with Text.

Nota : if possible import it by excel/csv, it will be super great.


Maybe also good solution for large number of DM1 messages:   SPN  and text message ( In multi languages

Hi Ulrik

I use an electronic devise by Can Bus, it send code error decimal (like error 101, error 105). This idea is to emplement a table like this (importable by excel) :

Input (decimal or string)OutPut
101Fault Error
105Engine error
1078Cable Error

Like that when you have an error you can log the full text of the error and help the technician to solve.



Also to add to this idea request with regard to DM1's I think it would be very helpful if you can add a time stamp but not from the RTC but from engine hours.

Quite often on the machines I work on the RTC has reset to default time because the machine has been off for over a month and the internal battery has been depleted.

I have done this with a text string but it is very cumbersome and you can not read the entire string on an MD3 log screen when you want to display engine hours + SPN + Description + Failure.


Is this request still on the developers list? A lookup table with integer lookup and text output parameters would be very helpfull!

Maybe we could use the DM1 function for this?

Add "SPN Conversion method: Custom" and then let us connect it to a GPIN or IMAC channel.

It would be really handy because then we could use the SPN import function, DM1 viewer etc to handle CANopen fault codes.