DOUT disabled in FG yet XC21 LED status light calls for DOUT open load

Pawel Pekala 7 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Thomas Moberg (System support) 6 years ago 3

We recently created a generic program to support multiple applications. Depending on machine configuration we enable/disable DOUTs via function groups to disable error messages on MD3 display. Although we do not receive any error messages on MD3 we do see that XC21 module calls for error code 1:1 DOUT open load. (IQANdesign 3.19.10)

Is there any way around this problem?

Thank you


Unfortunately there is no way to suppress the DOUT open load blink on the XC21, when it is configured to use DOUT:s it will check for open load and show a blink and report it back to the IQAN master. 

This configuration of DOUT:s is only done at startup and after enabling the XC21.

Disabling the DOUT function group will only prevent the error status in the application. 

An ugly workaround if you only have one XC21 and limited number of output combinations possible would be to have additional XC21:s with different addresses and different nu in the project file, and build the application so that the XC21 address that is enabled depend on the DOUT:s being used. 

I assume this is the same for an MD4 low side DOUT?

The master module controlling the XC21 does not matter, the MD4, MD3 and all other masters behave in the same way. 

The master modules cannot suppress the local error blink on the XC21 by disabling the channel in a function group. But you will get rid of the popup message, the errors shown in IQANrun and the system log by disabling the DOUT channel.