How do I get back to IQANdesign 2.63 in an MD3 application from a later version , say 3.19 up to 5.0

Mark Kettel 7 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Forrest 6 years ago 2

Trouble getting an MD3 loaded with version 2.63 after  a later version of software has been loaded into the MD3, say 3.19 or later up to 5.0.


To downgrade a system you need to use IQANrun with at least the same major version as the currently loaded firmware version.

Example: Your system is running 4.07 and you want to load a 3.19 project file. Use the latest IQANrun 4 or IQANrun 5 to send the 3.19 project file.

Note: IQANrun 5.00 is not able to send 2.x files. This will be fixed in 5.01.

it would be real nice we could send obsolete clone files.