Low Side Outputs on MC42

ksilovich 7 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 7 years ago 1

Is there a way to get (2) Low Side Outputs on an MC42, without needing to use the High Side pair?

I need to send 2 AL outputs to another controller to control certain functions.   So I don't have anything to connect the High Side to and not get a critical error. 

In the Instructions it looks like you should be able to as Dout_E thur O are all low side, but you cant not select that in IQAN.  ( I know they share the CAM output)  But it would be really nice to just have the LS for low current logic control like I am trying to do and not need to setup to the MC43 to just get that. 

Image 914

On a different note, it would be nice if you guys could add the type of input/output they are. 

High Side or Low Side so it easy to select the one you need. 

Image 915


The reason that the power low-sides are only possible to control as part of a COUT or a DOUT HS+LS is the internal diode. See section "Low-side switch type 1 outputs" in the IQAN-MC4x user manual:

Since the purpose in your application seems to be an interface to another controller, one option could be to use an IQAN-MC43 with its Low side switch type 2 outputs. 

For the request about marking the DIN pull-up /pull-down in the MC4x block diagrams, this is being planned for 5.01