Can We Use the System Information?

Carl 7 years ago in IQANdesign updated by A DOMS 3 years ago 5

Hi Guys,

Is there a way to extract the "Project name" and the "Version" to then be used in say a MATH channel?

We want to take the project name, separate each digit so they can be sent via J1939 with each digit as a BYTE as ASCII etc.

Cheers all!!!

Unfortunately not, with the existing IQANdesign versions the channels with value type text can only be used on IQAN master display pages, be saved to the logs, viewed in IQANrun and be sent as text messages over a modem. 

Some added string handling functions is one of the features we are looking at adding in a later 5.x, I think it could become quite useful.

What you could try if you need to show project name or project version info on a non-IQAN module in the system is to perform a request for the PGN 65242

The IQAN master module Software Identification (65242) contains 5 strings
  Project name
  Project version
  Project id
  Project checksum
  vmAC version

Up until version 5.00, a J1939 request for software identification is blocked if you have a JFIN with 59904 on that module in the application, but in 5.01 we are modifying this so that the request for software identification is always responded to.

Hi Gustav,

That's what I was trying to implement, 65242 manually adding it all as I can not get the MC42 to reply to request with PGN 59904 but we just get a negative NACK.



Hello there,

I'm using a MC43.

Is it possible de get information by PGN as you write before ?

Where could I get the PDO mapping of the MC43 ?

Thanks for your help.

Alexis D.


For a J1939 bus, you just need to leave the properties for COMID and SOFT enabled to be able to request these identification frames.

For PDO mapping, I guess you are looking for CANopen functionality? For that you would need to create an application using Generic CAN. 


Thanks for your answer.

I'm looking for this type of Parameter mapping, with all the index and informations that I could request to my MC43 :

For exemple, the parameter mapping of one of my device : IFM JN2300