L90LS controller

abed bakri 6 years ago in Master modules updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 6 years ago 1

l have an L90LS valve with proportional soleniods and would like to use a Joystick to operate which is the best choice out of parker range


Any IQAN master modules with COUT would be a good choice; the IQAN-MC4x series is the most modern controller and the one I would recommend. For best performance, you want one COUT per valve section. 

The module you choose will depend on the number of valve sections

IQAN-MC41 =>2 valve sections with COUT control

IQAN-MC42 => 6 valve sections with COUT control

IQAN-MC43 => 10 valve sections with COUT control 

These modules also have additional power driver outputs that can be used for on-off coils (e.g. the L90 BEN inlet) or crude open PWM control of functions with lower requirements on accurate control. 

If safety of the machine depends on the control of these valves, you would want to select the IQAN-MC41FS, -MC42FS or -MC43FS when designing a new machine control.