Bus Length

Richard Staite 6 years ago in Other updated by techsupport@posi-plus com 6 years ago 4

I have an application that requires a total bus length of approx 150 Mtrs - The Instructioin book referred to in another post says the max length "between nodes" is 100 mtrs - So If I put an additional node to act as a booster - is that ok? 


No, another node on the bus will not boost the length beyond the values in the instruction book you referred to, it actually the opposite.

There is some more details explaining factors that influence maximum CAN bus length here: 


would they be able to use an mc4x, with CAN routing enabled to do this?  It would require them to receive messages on one bus and then transmit on another bus.

The answer is "maybe". The MC4x routing feature could be tested, but if it actually works will depend on the latency that is acceptable for the higher layer protocol

One possible solution would be to put a 2 CAN to fiber optic repeater and build to short CAN buses at each end with one CAN to Fiber Optic repeater.