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analogue (0-10 V or 4-20mA) output from iqan

andyr 7 years ago in Other updated by Ash 2 years ago 10
would the software designers consider adding standard industrial analogue outputs (0-10VDC and/or 4-20mA etc) as outputs options aswell as the existing current outputs to enable interfacing to external third party hardware- only option at present is to do this via third party CAN to analogue converter modules via CANopen

SV Camera - Flip/Mirror adjustable through function

Jason 3 years ago in Other / SV updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 2 years ago 3

Is it possible to make the Flip and Mirror options for the SV camera adjustable via a function on the MD4 master? 

We have an application where we use the SV as a reverse camera, but the operator can rotate his seat 180° (the screen (MD4-7) is mounted to the seat) so we need to mirror the screen when facing the other direction. We have a proxy (digital input) to tell when the seat is rotated.


Any plans for J1939 I/O distribution blocks with deutsch connectors similar to Murr xtremeDB?

Pawel Pekala 3 years ago in Other updated by Dashnor Ruci 3 years ago 2

Any plans for J1939 I/O distribution blocks with deutsch connectors similar to Murr xtremeDB?   


Units not included in Design 6

Richard 2 years ago in Other updated by Ken Larsen 2 years ago 1

Just installed Design 6 and exploring the modules I noticed that some units we currently use such as, MC2, MD3, XA2, XS2 and MC3 are no longer included, when are these items going to be removed from sale? 

I obviously will not include them in any new designs but I was just wondering this as we have quite a few machines in production with these units going forward.



Paul Lang 3 years ago in Other 0

I'm looking for information on IQAN-MG units product no. 5010001. Are these units set up differently for 12v or 24v or does one unit do both 12 and 24? If they are different units, how is that differentiated in the product number? If they are the same unit how is the Maximum output determined? Is it done during the programming?

Thanks for any information!


usb can interface

Richard 3 years ago in Other updated 3 years ago 6

National Instruments are phasing out the USB-8473 connector and  recommending the  USB-8502 unit as a replacement, has anyone verified that this unit will work with IQAN?


Pump Control Module for eP2 piston pumps

Gustav Widén (System support) 4 years ago in Other updated 3 years ago 1

Our colleagues at Parker in Germany has released a Pump Control Module based on the IQAN-MC41, for the P2 pump series. 

The Pump Control Module (PCM) is a pre-programmed stand-alone module that acts as a dedicated pump controller with either analog or J1939 commands. 

As it is based on an IQAN module, adjustments and measure is available via IQANrun over CAN. 

To ease integration in an IQAN system, an IQANdesign 5 plug-in module implementing the J1939 interface to the module is being developed.

For more info, see:


ICL437-G//-//-3_neutral position

Adrien Léauté 2 months ago in Other 0


Those ICL437-G//-//-3 are discontinue and hard to found as spare parts even used one.

got an issue on one where the neutral zone do not work (program safety block the engine start due to joystick not in neutral)

could the IR sensor HOA1884-012 (transmissive sensor) be the fault on those type of joystick as it seems they are use to trigger the neutral X and Y postion?

any documentaion available?